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Dark Side Crossing

dark side crossing

Emerson began to appreciate that the policeman was toying with a different idea: that he was somehow responsible for a death many years ago and here he was seeking belatedly to cover it up.

The hypothesis was so unlikely that Emerson ignored him totally and continued. ‘After the builders left I looked over the work they’d done. I didn’t expect to find any clue as to what had happened to Diana. But I’m always on the lookout for a sign of some kind. I just didn’t want to leave any stone upturned. I had a distinct feeling of something wrong in the house. I was attracted to the basement. I found what I found.’

He shrugged but, even his current personal discomfort had not removed the sinking feeling in his stomach that he had indeed found Diana’s body. Of course it might not be true; it might be someone else; but just as he’d known to look, he knew also who it was. He just didn’t understand how or why.

The inspector studied him for a while then spoke at last: ‘what was it about the house that disturbed you?’

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Cule Hinder Fiction

The Night Doctor

night doctor

George, the part-owner of an investment bank funded by black money, is on his way to the former Soviet Republic of Lithuania to conclude what his Lithuanian contacts think is a big deal, but which he knows is a scam.

His Armani suit, Gucci cuff-links and Prada shoes disguise a man who is losing his touch. It is his ex-wife? Is it his boss? Is it his bank? He is not sure, but he can sense the knives are out.

George thinks he is going to line his bank’s pockets at the expense of his Lithuanian victims, saving face in the process, but the Baltic crew prove to be much more savvy than he had thought.

George, a firm believer in mixing business with pleasure, goes in search of female company in Vilnius. He finds more than he bargained for at a local nightclub in the shape of the magnificent Zoya, who wrecks both his bed and his head before taking off into the dark, Baltic night, leaving George with a monumental hangover or something worse.

He suspects he has been on the wrong side of a Mickey Fin, but there is no apparent reason, because nothing seems to be missing, not least the bank codes which are the key to his scam. Feeling rough, he attends the hospital where another surprise awaits him, he encounters the night doctor….Zoya.

Is there a connection between this apparent angel of the former KGB wards and the woman of the night who left him with such a devastating headache? Is he imagining things?

Obsessed now with what happened to him and why, George gets back to business only to find that his lost evening was a warning and the doctor doesn’t prescribe twice.


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Cule Hinder Fiction

The Vixen


An intriguing black comedy about dangerous liaisons in the English countryside around the turn of the millennium.

The fictional location is a sleepy Northumbrian village where some of the locals have their own saucy secrets and others have ones of a more criminal nature. These are all hung out to dry when a newcomer with a past, John Jarvis, arrives in town. He has revenge on his mind for past wrongs and he has his eye on his brutish neighbour’s girlfriend, Elly.

Elly reciprocates John’s feelings but her boyfriend and his boorish friend Roger do not like it one bit. In no time at all the villagers are up in arms as they perceive a threat to their comfortable little lives.

The local police chief has his own dark secret where John is concerned and it can only be solved by murder. He galvanises the local vigilantes to do his dirty work for him but they have seriously underestimated his powers of survival. Their attacks are rebuffed and the retribution visited upon the unholy alliance of the forces of evil and those of law and order is swift and merciless.

Through all the resulting chaos stalks The Vixen, the catalyst and the symbol of John Jarvis’s revenge. She steals through the darkest recesses of the plot and scuppers the best laid plans of the plotters.

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The Mummer’s Song


Joshua Catt is a banker with a troubled past which is catching up on him.

Strange people from what appears to be a secret society are stalking him and they behave as if they wish to communicate something to him but they never speak…. they just mime.

Then the big deal that could solve some of his problems suddenly comes along.

The old adage “be careful what you wish for” rings true though because the deal isn’t what it seems, and after an attempt on his life, Josh is left stranded in the Canadian Rockies in the dead of winter.

After a series of adventures he treks out of the wilderness only to find when he returns to civilization that he is a wanted man.

The very same people who tried to kill him have pulled off a massive scam and have put it on his toes.

What follows is a roller-coaster ride across North America with Josh on the run from  both the police and the mob until he can finally confront his adversaries face to face.

Only when he does come face to face with them does he discover what the strange people were trying to tell him, and with it the real secret of his troubled past.

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Cule Hinder Fiction

Dark Side Crossing

In 1968, the Summer of Love, begins the story of a young man who takes a wrong turn and finds himself on a long road with no exit.

Returning after 20 years of exile, he looks up an old friend only to find a corpse. He contacts her church and finds a murderous cult. He falls in love but brings danger to his lover’s door.

There seems to be no escape from the dark side, and yet he’s determined to cross over. But to do so he must first face his own terrible past.

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