The Mummer’s Song


Joshua Catt is a banker with a troubled past which is catching up on him.

Strange people from what appears to be a secret society are stalking him and they behave as if they wish to communicate something to him but they never speak…. they just mime.

Then the big deal that could solve some of his problems suddenly comes along.

The old adage “be careful what you wish for” rings true though because the deal isn’t what it seems, and after an attempt on his life, Josh is left stranded in the Canadian Rockies in the dead of winter.

After a series of adventures he treks out of the wilderness only to find when he returns to civilization that he is a wanted man.

The very same people who tried to kill him have pulled off a massive scam and have put it on his toes.

What follows is a roller-coaster ride across North America with Josh on the run from  both the police and the mob until he can finally confront his adversaries face to face.

Only when he does come face to face with them does he discover what the strange people were trying to tell him, and with it the real secret of his troubled past.

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