The Dragon’s Tale

“The dragon teaches you that if you want to climb high you have to do it against the wind.”

Jack has the key, the key to bringing down an entire Chinese Crime Dynasty and he doesn’t even know it!

They say never a lend money to a friend and Tyneside Lawyer, Jack is learning fast that his £50k loan to old Ozzie pal, Gerry Montrose has made him a target for not only the notorious Triads gang, but also the Honk Kong Police.

Jack returns to his old stomping ground – a jittery Hong Kong where old school tie shudders at the dark cloud of Communism hovering over the peak.

But, where exactly is Gerry? Rumour is he fled Hong Kong for Manilla with a Russian hostess, apparently smitten.

But in Hong Kong polite smiles hide forked tongues and effusiveness often accompanies a knife in the back – who can he trust, who should he believe? Does Mr Ma really have his back? Jack finds himself in deep water, particularly when friends who were helping him start getting bumped off.

Jack begins to suss out that along with Gerry, some government secrets have also gone missing. The Triads want them first.

His search for Gerry takes him all over South East Asia and finally into Russia with a former lover, Diana as an uneasy bedfellow in his hunt for Gerry and for answers.

Diana Lundy is provocative but dangerous, a woman who seems to have a finger in every fortune cookie. Diana is about to light the blue touchpaper.

Fast burning action leads to an explosive ending.

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